We take it to heart that our customers are satisfied, not only today but for many years to come. Trust in our expertise and take the chance of a individual service.

Because we do not leave you out in the rain! Our services: We have compiled for you an extensive and well-elaborated repertoire of services.

It is a pleasure for us to drop by for a not-binding survey appointment and to appraise a suitable solution for your roof with us.

1. roof types/choice of material:

flat roofs:     laminations, bitumen, planting vegetation, plastics

steep roofs:     clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate, cement asbestos

metal roofs:     copper, zinc, aluminium

facade works:     clay tiles, copper, zinc, aluminium, slate, cement asbestos, bitumen shingles, fibre-cement

2. areas of operations/services:

  • facade works/external wall claddings
  • roof coverings
  • skylights, installation and antiglare shield
  • insulations
  • sealing of balkonies and terraces
  • rainwater drainage
  • skylights
  • roofings
  • planting vegetation of the roof
  • sound insulation and heat insulation
  • constructions of the chimney
  • constructions of the dormer
  • plumber works
  • wood works
  • gutter service
  • copper works
  • zinc works
  • repairs/maintenance