Planting vegetation

The Benefits of Green Roofing Your Home

Did you know you could take advantage of your rooftop space by growing plants there? Green roofs improve the aesthetics of your living environment, while providing a new habitat for local wildlife. In addition to the beauty of a living roof, rooftop vegetation also functions to increase rainwater, heat and sound absorption, resulting in improved insulation for your home below. Urban areas are often several degrees hotter than rural ones as a result of the heat island effect. However, vegetative roofs have been proven to help combat this effect and contribute to cooling urban areas. Furthermore, by planting vegetation on your roof, your home contributes to filtering pollutants such as carbon dioxide from the air as well as naturally filtering heavy metals from rainwater. Several different types of green roofs are available, depending on the weight-bearing capabilities of your home. The thickness and depth of the green roof determines the type and variety of plant life that can be supported. With the right design, you can turn your home into a thriving eco-oasis by incorporating a living roof.