Plumber works

Plumbing within your home

It can be a simple thing. Water in pipes, yet to home owners it can be the source of a great amount of stress. Fortunately here at Dach Zack we are here to help. With our many years of experience we can fix almost any problem you encounter. Within roofing there are particular challenges to overcome. Drain waste vent systems can be installed in almost any roof we encounter, this is vital to a well running system. Where that is not possible, we can install island vents for your convenience. Fixing roof flashing is an important and often neglected job that we can help with. Many people underestimate the health and long term cost benefits of a professionally installed system.

We have worked on many large scale projects such as the flat roof in the Hennigsdorf M & B Market, and are equally competent in the home. We provide a maintenance service, partnered with the best suppliers in the business to provide you with peace of mind with our work. Please contact us with any queries you have and we will respond promptly.