Crane Work

In order to save costs and to facilitate the façade and roof work it is also possible to bring our cran in use at any time.

The crane is mainly used for cargo transportation. It can be used by roads and driveways. Old roofing can be removed and thus reach quickly and easily in the container.This is only a small spectrum of the possible applications of the crane.


Crane roofing

The possibility of attaching a pair of pliers, whole rows of tiles can be transported directly to the roof.

Roof demolition

During the demolition a trough is hung on the crane . This trough is then positioned at the location where the roof surface is to be demolished.


Crane Works on the facade

With the help of the crane you can work in heights where usually a scaffolding is required . Mounting a gondola roofers can go directly to sites which can normally only be achieved by means of a scaffold, which helps the customer to save cost.